Welcome everyone to my website, my name is Janet Williams owner and writer at horseblazemagazine.com

I has been around horses for most of my life. From trail riding to jumping and dressage, I love anything horses and always enjoy sharing with others. My passion is teaching horses and rider how to excel to the best of their potential.

Short background information: I had completed doing Hunter/Jumpers and studied dressage. I currently owns 2 (plus 3 other horses) and the first one named Ellie, I learned all the basics on that horse and my passion grew from there.

I enjoys helping people to be comfortable around horses and love to share my passion and teaching others how to ride and take care of their horses. I will try my best to help you with any of your horse problems. Whether you need advice on riding, or just want to know how to groom your horse, feel free to contact us!