7 Best Automatic Horse Waterers in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Horse WaterersBesides feeding your horse, drinking water is an indispensable part of every living creature’s daily routine. In the case of horses, hydration is even more important as they usually demand 5-10 gallons per day. Therefore, many horse owners have thought of an automatic waterer to make it easier in keeping them hydrated.

Have you ever heard of horse waterer? Let’s take a look at what is the best automatic horse waterer on the market so that you can save a lot of time in watering your horse every day!

What is the Best Automatic Horse Waterer?

1. Rabbit Nipples Large Automatic Waterer for Horses

If you are searching for the best automatic horse waterer, you can consider the Rabbit Nipples large waterer for horses. It is a heavy-duty waterer that offers your horse steady an amount of clean water on a daily basis.

It is common to see most waterers on the market rust over time, but with this waterer, its heavy-duty construction guarantees that you will have the longest time of use. Moreover, it even protects against the UV rays, improving the durability significantly.

The Rabbit Nipples can contain around 4 liters of water (1.05 gallons). You can mount it at any height and it is suitable for most farm animals, including horses.

The waterer has a very large basin. Therefore, it is a suitable option for big animals, such as horses or cows.

Besides, an outstanding feature that we love so much about this product is its drain plug, which permits you to remove old water and clean the vessel conveniently.

All you have to do when cleaning the waterer is to unscrew its drain plug before cleaning the vessel thoroughly.

On the other hand, lack of mounting screws and hose attachments is a disadvantage that we find in this waterer. Though, you can buy them separately at a reasonable cost.


  • Easy mounting at any height
  • Durable materials
  • Simple cleaning thanks to draining plug
  • Large basin


  • Not including hose attachment and mounting screws


2. Homend Automatic Waterer Bowl Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer

Another ideal option for watering horses is the Homend automatic stainless waterer. The manufacturer designed it specifically for horses with many special features, though you can still make use of it for other animals if you want.

There is a special float to monitor when to open the water supply. When your horse drinks water, the waterer will provide new water instantly to replace. In other words, your horse can always enjoy fresh and healthy water, even when they consume a large amount.

It is also versatile as you can mount it easily from the rear. Any height is possible to place the waterer, depending on your horse’s sizes.

One particular advantage of this waterer is its design, which is greatly smoothed and polished. As a result, your horse will have no irritation when using the waterer.

The manufacturer also added a drain hole, and it is your decision to choose a product with or without the hole. We strongly recommend the one with the hole as it can help you a lot with cleaning.


  • Stainless steel construction to prevent rust
  • Smooth and polished edges
  • Floating system that ensures your horse always get fresh water
  • Easy to install at any height


  • No hose adapter and mounting screws


3. Lucky Farm Automatic Water Feeder Trough Bowl with Pipe for Horses

The next best automatic horse waterer that you should know is Lucky Farm water feeder. It has a simple and straightforward design that all horse owners need to minimize maintenance work.

Heavy gauge stainless steel is the fundamental material to produce this waterer, so it stands strongly against rust formation and corrosion. Fortunately, it is unnecessary for you to do too much maintenance and cleaning because the waterer seems to remain sanitary and clean most of the time.

Besides, its heavy-duty materials make sure that your horse cannot destroy the waterer easily by considering it as a chew toy.

The Lucky Farm waterer also features a floater system, like other products in our list, to constantly replace drinking water of your horse. The amount is always steady, and the quality is always good. You also notice a significant reduction in water waste, and there is little chance of stagnant water.

The waterer does not take so much space, so you can easily put it anywhere you want.


  • Suitable for many animals, such as horses, dogs, or even cattle
  • Float system to maintain freshwater supply
  • Heavy-duty materials against abuse


  • Does not include mounting screws
  • Some users complained about connection leaks


4. Rabbit Nipples Farm Grade Stainless Stock Waterer for Horse

This is another outstanding waterer from the brand Rabbit Nipples. It still possesses great durability like other products of Rabbit Nipples, thanks to stainless steel construction. This waterer can resist to extreme weather conditions as well as rambunctious horses. There is no need to worry about your horse playing and damaging the waterer when you are not there.

To maintain the fresh provision of water for your horse, this waterer comes with an adjustable float. It has a simple hook up and you only need to get a standard water hose.

When mounting this waterer, you may need U bolts or lag bolts. It is possible to choose the height you want and mount either on the left or right side. You should consider your needs before mounting. Once the mounting is finished, your horse is never worried about stagnant water anymore.

As regards its drawbacks, we have figured out that its float seems not to be resistant to freezing weather, which may pose a difficulty for those in cold areas.


  • Abuse-resistant
  • Adjustable float for freshwater
  • Mounting easily and can be moved if you need


  • Not freeze-proof float


5. Brower MK32N Super Insulated Unheated Livestock Waterer

Are you unhappy because of a waterer that cannot resist freezing weather? Don’t worry! You can choose the Brower MK32N waterer in such circumstances. It is the best automatic horse waterer that can give your horse a constant supply of water even in freezing climate.

The waterer is so powerful that it can meet the needs of up to 25 horses. Its eighteen-inch height can contain much water. It can permit two horses to consume water at the same time.

Notably, it has a polyurethane foam insulation that maintains the flow of water, even if the temperatures become low.

With the help of its plug, you can drain the water easily. The waterer is non-heated; however, it is still insulated.

The troughs have a rounded design that helps minimize the risk of injuries or irritations for your horses when they drink water. It is a big advantage because some troughs that are not rounded may lead to abrasions and cuts for the horses.


  • Large capacity – support up to 25 horses
  • Insulated to prevent frozen water
  • Rounded design for safety


  • Not heated


6. Ritchie Omni Automatic Heated Horse Waterer

Another well-known brand in this industry is Ritchie Omni, which releases the best automatic horse waterer for freezing weather. It combines the stainless steel and insulated waterer to support your horse to the fullest extent.

The waterer comes with double troughs and quick refill valve, making sure that horses always get enough freshwater. In fact, this product can support more or less than 40 horses – an impressive record among our best automatic horse waterers. Simultaneously, two horses can use water.

In addition, its front access panel allows you to access water heater lines and components. Therefore, all maintenance tasks become easier in case of needs.

You can easily mount the waterer and hook it up to the water and electric lines. After that, water will be provided steadily and there is no need to worry about frozen water even when the temperatures decrease.


  • Front access panel that supports maintenance work
  • Large capacity to support up to 40 horses
  • Durable


  • There were reports of falling off
  • No mounting items included


7. Little Giant Automatic Horse Waterer

When the cost becomes one of your top priorities, you can choose Little Giant automatic horse waterer. It has an affordable price, compared to other products on the market.

Its operation ranges from 20 to 50 psi, so it is possible for you to use a pressure hose which has typical values. The bucket can contain up to 16 quarts of water and consistently change the water so that your horse always drinks fresh and clean water.

The installation is super easy, but just like other waterers we have gone through, it is necessary to get separate mounting hardware. You also find a drain plug which is responsible for draining water.

In many cases, horses play around and tend to hit the water troughs. However, the Little Giant waterer prevents that from happening and protects your horse from injuries. In addition, you do not need to worry about your horse damaging the waterer. It is strong enough to stand against damage.


  • Simple installation
  • Support multiple horses
  • Durable materials no matter how the weather is


  • Possible leaks
  • Valve problems


Benefits of Automatic Horse Waterers

The weight of a horse can be up to a thousand pounds, which explains why they need a huge amount of water every day. In fact, maintenance for water trough may be an extremely demanding task, either in summer or winter. It may take a lot of your time and effort to dump and clean its trough regularly.

Fortunately, an alternative solution is to get the best horse automatic waterer and let it finish the job of offering water to your horse. In addition, the waterer will minimize the tasks you have to do, compared to traditional trough maintenance.

To sum up, automatic horse waterers will provide you with plenty of benefits as following:

  • It helps to prevent frozen water in winter, while in warm months it keeps the water clean and cool all the time. As a result, your horse can enjoy healthy and clean water for their well-being.
  • An automatic waterer will reduce considerably time for maintaining horses. You will be surprised how much free time you can have once you do not have to do maintenance.
  • Besides, a waterer also reduces greatly the amount of wasted water. Water in the trough usually becomes stagnant within a short period of time. And you will have to dump and replace it quickly. With a waterer, you can limit waste of water and guarantee that the water is always clean.
  • Last but not least, it is unnecessary to water the horse by lugging a heavy hose any longer.

How to Choose the Best Automatic Horse Waterer

An automatic horse waterer is not too sophisticated. However, only when you choose an appropriate waterer can your horse enjoy a constant supply of clean water. And choosing the right one is not easy.

There are several factors you should think about before going to get one:

Durable Materials

One of the keys to having a great waterer is that it can last for long. Therefore, durable materials are important when you look for an automatic horse waterer. Horses are very strong and rough when it comes to watering troughs as well as other tools. A waterer of durable materials allows you to prevent any damage that your horses can cause when they play around.

Plastic waterers are likely to be more economical than metal ones. Nevertheless, plastic waterers are more vulnerable and inferior in many ways.

Metal waterers usually cost more money, but prove to be more efficient and durable over time.

Rounded Edges

This is to make sure that your horse is safe. Nobody wants their horse to be injured. If you get waterers with rough edges, the likelihood is that your horses may get cuts, abrasions, and irritations. All of them can be prevented when the edges are rounded and smooth.

Cleaning and maintenance

Believe it nor not, the cleaning and maintenance tasks can make you exhausted. And one of the main reasons for getting an automatic waterer is to minimize cleaning and maintenance. There is less waste of water and also you can provide clean water for your horses.

Heated or not

Automatic waterers are available in heated or not heated versions. If you live in cold areas, the suggestion is to go for heated waterers, or at least choose a fully insulated one. Otherwise, your horse may have to consume frozen water or have nothing to drink. Ritchie Omni is a well-known brand for heated waterers.


Mounting seems to be an indispensable part of installing most horse waterers since they hardly stay on the ground. You need to be concerned about the ease of installation so that you have no trouble setting up the tool.

You should follow the instructions carefully and remember to place the waterer close to your water supply for convenience. In general, most waterers do not contain mounting hardware with them, so it seems that you have to buy it separately.


Are automatic horse waterers safe?

Modern waterers are designed to improve the safety for horses. For example, their edges are made smooth and rounded to prevent horses from hurting themselves when running around. Some older versions might come with sharp edges which are responsible for injuries.

Do you have to clean the waterers?

Many people believe that automatic waterers will do the cleaning by themselves. However, it is not always true. You need to check the information about the products to know its maintenance requirements. Most waterers have many supportive features to make cleaning easier, such as drain plug, but you still have to do it.

Do waterers freeze up?

Many people are worried that extreme cold weather may lead to frozen floaters and finally breaking the waterers. As we mentioned above, you should use the heated or insulated waterers if you stay in extreme weather. It is important to remember that to avoid waterer malfunction.


Final Verdict

Generally speaking, choosing the best automatic horse waterer requires much effort and expertise. The market offers a variety of products, each of which has different features, materials, and benefits.

We hope that after reading our reviews, you have a better idea of the best automatic horse waterer!