Top 5 Best Fly Rugs for Your Horse

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Best Fly Rugs for Your HorseIt is summer already and it’s time that you are looking for the fly rugs for your horse. Fly rug is the fly sheet which works as the shield to protect horses from being bitten by flies and insects, especially during hot times. Fly rug might look like a hat to protect the head of the horse , some even include the neck cover, belly strap in order to offer total protection.

In those days, with the higher demand for protection, fly rugs were made up of UV protection fabric that could keep the horse away from the sun. By this way, you do not have to worry about the bleached or even pinked skinned. It works as the sunscreen clothes for human.

Even though it is claimed to be particularly useful during summer, some people even use it all year round thanks to its benefits and convenience.

Following are some best fly rugs for horses you should choose. There will be background information about the product, making it easier for you to choose so that it will suit your demand as well as your budget. Pay attention to the details, it will not fail you finding the right one.

Best Fly Rugs for Horses Reviews

With the experience from those who have bought a fly rug, the advice for you is to choose the one that fits your budget first, and then the demand and needs. As this product can be worn all the time, you had better buy two products at a time.

By this way, you can exchange the new ones continuously to keep it clean. After that, the horse will thank you. And if buying two products at the time can exceed your budget, you can totally choose to buy one with higher cost and one with lower cost.

Derby House Pro Fly Rug

This is a classic product that is available in all sizes for all horses: from small pony to horse with all the color. They are arab, cob and small quarters with ears and long noses. This product has been tried and tested by the most famous publications for its comfort, design and fit.

With the full cover, it might help to keep the fly and insect at bay, even when they are riding. It is made up of the soft coated nylon micro-mesh so that it can block 70% UV rays. It is among the top best sellers of amazon.

It fits perfectly well with the jaw, however, a little short for the nose if you are buying this for a small pony. Some clients buy this product thanks to the brand. As wearing this for a long time, it would help to save your horse from bleached body and sunburn. So keep wearing this all year round.

Sheldon Buxton Plus Combo Fly Rug For Horses – White

The Sheldon Buxton Plus Combo fly rug is another great product that is sold at great price. It is a bit cheaper that has the unique design, mostly for comfort and durability and the best part is no rubbing.

They can help to avoid gaps as well as to prevent pressure marks thanks to the thick fleece padding. It has the breathable material, therefore, it can protect the skin in the best condition, even when the horse wears it all year round.

The highlight that manufacturers focus on is that it has the translucent fine mesh which offers high visibility as well as lab-tested UV protection. Five out of 5 customers who have bought this for their horse has guaranteed its quality.

There are so many colours available so you can just simply choose the best one that is suitable for the horse. They have pink, green, gray and dark black ones, the recommended is the grey and black one so that it can be cleaned if used for a long time. And in case your horse registered for the race, you can just buy the pink or the green ones so that it can be easily spotted.

Best On Horse UV Protection Full Neck Fly Rug Bug Protection Combo Sheet Colours 4’0-7’3

If you are looking for the full protection for your horse, this is a perfect option for you. Among the mentioned products, this one is also with the lowest price. The good point is that it is quite similar in quality as the top ones such as the ultimate midge-proof outer thanks to the high quality breathable material while having the stellar UV-protection. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the infections and dangerous skin conditions.

Besides, you also get a free matching fly mask to improve the protection for your horse.

It has the vibrant dual colors, which enables the owner to spot their horse, even from the long distance. With the translucent fabric, the horse can see clearly, so you can worry none about the vision of the horse. With this quality, this is by far one of the best products a reasonable one can choose for the horse.

Shires Tempest Original Summer Shield with Mesh – White Check

Another great product with cheaper price one can choose is this one. It is available in all sizes for nose, neck and face. It is suitable for ordinary horses or even the large and strong horses. Manufacturers have tried to design this horse fly rug  with the high-elastic fabric and high-strength nylon fabric to cover all parts of the head: nose, ears and forehead.

All that good materia is only to make sure durable, comfortable and breathable fabric for the horse. It helps to block UV rays, thanks to this you do not have to worry about the bleached nose and pink nose of the horse.

The plus side is that this product has excellent after service as it can be returned 30 days after purchase. So you will have a chance to exchange another new one after buying. They do have good customer service, therefore, you can just ask questions if you do have concern issues regarding this product.

Shires Tempest Fly Rug Full Neck Combo Horse, Pony Original Fly Rug

If you want to bolster protection and comfort, this product is just right for you as it has the revolutionary nylon framework. Unlike other products, this fly rug  has super high sunscreen protection as it can block up until 90% of UV rays. It is lightweight, along with the micro-weave material around the ears areas and added comfort.

If you are worrying about the size, worry none as it has all the size ranging from pony, cob, full and extra full. Choose carefully and wisely so that it can cover all parts of the head of your horse.

The best thing is that even when your horse already has a bleached nose and pink nose and the whole body, wearing this product for a period of time would help to minimize those sunburn spots. It has the complete design so you can wear it all the time, even when riding without having to worry about losing it.

This product is made up of high cost material, therefore, it would be sold at a bit higher cost. You had better prepare a sum of money and put it aside before buying. Many clients have given credit on its quality when buying this product.

Final Verdict

If you want to take good care of your horse, you can buy a fly rug  as well as the cooler rug. These are great products to both keep the horse clean and avoid the heat of summer while not having to worry about insects and fly bitings. The bites from those factors are the most common reasons leading to transmitted diseases.

Compared between buying a protection tool to save your horse rather than buying medicine or taking it to the veterans, you can make the decisions all by yourself. The trusted source that so many people have been recommending is from amazon with good customer services and build quality. It takes almost no time to your doorstep to buy a new one. You will not be disappointed.