Top 5 Best Horse Clippers in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Horse ClipperProper grooming is an indispensable activity when you have a pet, including cats, dogs, and even horses. We all want to maintain the horse’s beautiful hair, while grooming is also beneficial to prevent many health problems related to bacteria and fungi.

For big animals like horses, it is a real challenge to get them to the salon, and having a professional groomer trim your horse at home can be far more expensive than your budget.

In such cases, it is a great idea to learn how to groom your horse by yourself. All you need is to find the best horse clippers and we are going to help you with that today!

Top 5 Best Horse Clippers Reviews

1. Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus Equine Horse Clipper and Grooming Kit

One of the first best horse clippers is Wahl professional animal show pro plus equine clipper. It is medium-duty and should be the best horse clipper for those who are looking for minimal clipping. Its reasonable price is also a great advantage for many people to choose.

This Wahl clipper works so well for you to clip several areas on your horses, such as bridle path, fetlocks, face, and ears. Its compact and lightweight design helps you trim these sensitive areas without any difficulties.

It also releases very little vibration and noise, so you can be relieved that your horse will not be disturbed by noisy operation and become furious.

The blades are adjustable between #30 and #10. They are economical and save a lot of space for storage.

Besides, what we love about this Wahl product is its comprehensive kit, which provides many useful tools like face brush, blade guard, cleaning brush, and blade oil. There is even an instructional DVD to show beginners how to groom your horse at home.

On the other hand, due to its compact and minimal design, the Wahl clipper may not be the ultimate solution to thick coats. Many users reported cases of clogging up when they deal with thick hair. Moreover, this clipper is made in the USA, so you may have more difficulty with international use.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • The best horse clipper for minimal grooming
  • Affordable price


  • Clogging up may happen when it comes to thick coats
  • May not be available for international use, outside the USA


2. Andis Pro Clip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis is another big brand in the industry of clippers for horses, and we are glad to introduce its Pro Clip 2-Speed clipper as one of the best horse clippers you need to know.

The clipper comes with detachable blades, which means that you can change the blades any time you want to serve different purposes.

In addition, the manufacturer also includes an additional wide Ultra Edge blade to help you finish grooming your horse effectively and precisely. Thanks to its unique chrome finish, you do not need to worry about rust and corrosion which might damage the clipper.

The blades are also simple to change and clean, making sure that you have no inconvenience in using them all the time.

Moreover, you are free to choose between low and high speeds to achieve the ultimate grooming. They set you free from any difficulty and give you crisp and precise cuts. The silent operation is another advantage as you do not want your horse to get frustrated during grooming sessions.

Some people are wondering about any possible difficulties because it is a corded clipper. However, it has a heavy-duty cord which is up to 14 inches long. This impressive length is great enough to give you easy movement around your horse.

What can be wrong with this clipper? Even though an extra blade has been included in the product, some users complained that there should be more. Besides, it is a perfect clipper for trimming, but when it comes to body clipping, the efficiency seems to be lower.


  • Smooth and silent operation
  • The best horse clippers for professional grooming
  • Additional wide blade
  • Easy to move thanks to 14-inch heavy-duty cord


  • Not a great option for body clipping
  • Some users needed more blades


3. Oster Clipmaster Grooming Clipping Machine

Some best horse clippers in our review are not suitable for trimming the horse’s whole body, but if you need to do so, it is the best recommendation to go for Oster Clipmaster grooming clipper – such a fantastic option when you need to deal with thick coats.

The first benefit we find in this product comes from its various speed setting, which varies between 700 and 3,000 strokes every minute. In addition, it has a versatile tension knob to help you adjust the blades easily.

The shatter-proof body of the clipper is also a great feature. The manufacturer used robust and durable materials to produce this clipper, so it is highly likely that you can avoid breakage even when it falls.

When you buy this clipper, you also have access to the whole package, including various accessories to support your grooming sessions, such as brush, blade compartments, or toolbox case.

Its reasonable price and silent operation are other benefits you can consider, even though the clipper does not look as premium as other products on the market.


  • Great for clipping total body
  • Good for large horses as well
  • Various speed settings
  • Durable materials


  • Quite heavy
  • The appearance is not too attractive


4. Masterclip Lightweight Hunter Clipper

Another versatile horse clipper we would like to introduce is Masterclip lightweight hunter clipper. Its name says it all; the clipper is very lightweight to help you trim your horse easily without fatigue.

However, the power of the clipper is still impressive. It has a permanent magnetic motor that can last over time and provide an incredibly fast cutting speed. Besides, the professional performance of this clipper is good enough to handle all types of coats.

The product also includes many important accessories, like free clipper oil and sturdy carry case to protect your clipper and improve its durability.

What is wrong with this product? Some users complained that it can get hot easily, which may pose a danger to your horse and yourself.


  • Great durability
  • Powerful magnetic motor allowing fast cutting speed
  • Lightweight


  • Heating problems


5. Wahl Professional Animal Arco Equine Horse Cordless Clipper Kit

One of the best horse clippers for people who travel often is Wahl professional Arco Equine 5-in-1. It is cordless, so you can carry it away easily and finish your grooming session, without making your horse move.

Also, cordless clipper is also very lightweight, so it is suitable for everybody to groom horses easily and quickly. Because of its ergonomic design, anyone can find it comfortable in their hands and avoid getting fatigued from trimming for too long.

But what we love most about this Wahl version is the 5-in-1 detachable blade. Thanks to it, you can handle any kind of coat with high efficiency and speed. And even though it is powerful enough to trim fetlocks and bridle paths, it still remains silent enough to keep the most sensitive horses staying calm.

The battery is long enough when it can operate continuously for more than 80 minutes. On the other hand, charging the clipper only takes around 75 minutes.

Ironically, what makes the clipper outstanding also poses several disadvantages. As the clipper works very fast, you need to be very careful not to trim too much and cut off more than you expect.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Convenient 5-in-1 blade
  • Long battery life


  • Users need to be careful with its speed to avoid trimming more than they want


How to Choose the Best Horse Clippers

Choosing a suitable clipper is one of the most important steps to have a smooth and satisfactory grooming experience at home. If you grab something randomly on the market, the likelihood is that you may end up hurting your horse and yourself.

Check a list of several factors you have to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best horse clippers.


Typically, there are two blades in an equine clipper. One is the comb and the other is the cutter. You use the comb to feed the hair and the cutter to trim hair. Which type of blade you use depends on your trimming purposes.

For example, for horses living in warm weather, it is better to have a closer cut. Meanwhile, cold environment requires your horse to have longer hair which plays an essential role in keeping them warm.

Besides, it is important to check how easy it is to change the blades. Most clippers come with adjustable blades, which means that you can move or switch it easily. For fixed blades, it will take more manual work to switch the blades.


Normally, the corded clipper will be smaller as it does not need space for batteries. On the other hand, larger cordless ones may make it difficult for some people to handle. However, you should be the one who decides which size you will need.

In case you need to trim delicate areas, such as the horse’s face or neck, the recommendation is to choose a smaller corded clipper.


Horse clippers need to be well-built for heavy-duty use. It is important that they come from durable materials, so you can make use of them over an extended period of time.

In most circumstances, the suggestion is to choose aluminum clippers and avoid plastic parts.

Equally importantly, you should check whether it is easy to grip. Otherwise, it may lead to fatigue when you have to run the clipper for too long.


You should consider this factor only when you intend to get a cordless clipper. It is better to have a clipper running for several hours before charging. Otherwise, you may waste too much time and it is challenging to keep your horse still waiting.


Last but not least, you should be concerned about motor type because it is the main part to provide power. There are three common types of motor: pivot, magnetic, and rotary.

Rotary motors are very popular and their operation is based on a rotating disc and an electric part. Electricity makes the disc rotate, creating power to blades. It is possible to monitor speed levels thanks to a switch.

On the other hand, magnetic motors include a direct drive shaft and a magnetic field. The magnet field is quite flexible and allows you to control the blades from the back to the front. It is very useful in case of small jobs and heavy-duty trimming.

Finally, there is a magnet and a hand in pivoting motors. The fixed magnet makes you move the hands and blades.

Safety Tips on Clipping Your Horse

Horses are a big animal and if you do something wrong during the grooming session, you are likely to get injured. To prevent any possible problems to yourself and your horse, it is vital to know some safety tips on clipping horses.

  • Heating is a common issue you have to think about when using horse clippers. Many modern clippers are designed to avoid overheating and you do not have to worry at all. However, for normal clippers, you should use cooling fluid to cool down the blades. An alternative way is to simply turn it off. Wait until it becomes cool and you can continue trimming horses.
  • Choosing the time when you clip your horse is also necessary. Mid-spring can be a terrible moment to do so as it can have negative impacts on the growth of your horse’s hair when summer comes.
  • If your horse is going to take part in a competition or a show, clipping is not a good idea. It usually takes 5-14 days for horse’s hair to regain its dazzling conditions.
  • All sensitive areas on the horse, including the face, should be treated finally. Moreover, smaller clipper is highly appreciated in such circumstances.
  • For clipping the mane or tail, it is imperative to wrap them before clipping to the side. It will prevent you from trimming any long hair.


Do horses need clipping?

If you ask the horses whether they really need clipping, the answer is no. Their coats grow long in winter since long coats are necessary to maintain the warmth and avoid excessive drying skin.

In warm weather, if you notice your horse’s coat too long, it may cause discomfort to your horse. And then, clipping may be necessary to make your pet more comfortable.

Overall, clipping is more associated with personal preference and aesthetic aspects. It is only necessary for some shows as well.

How do you handle a nervous horse?

Not every horse will cooperate with you during the grooming session. It is crucial to be careful when you have to deal with a nervous horse, or you may hurt yourself.

It should start by letting your horse smell or see the clippers. Then, you can choose non-sensitive areas to begin grooming, like the chest or shoulder. If they react too aggressively when you want to reach sensitive areas, leave them there and come back next time.

Does clipping cause pain?

Possibly. Many people have pain in their shoulders, back, or arms during or after clipping. The main reason is that the clippers are not suitable. In this case, you can try several different kinds and sizes to find out the best horse clippers for you.


Final Words

In general, our best horse clippers all come from the most famous and valuable brands on the market. Each of them has its own pains and gains. Before making your final decision, you ought to consider your horse’s needs first. We hope that you can get the best horse clippers and finish the task without any trouble!