Best Horse Cooler Rug in 2021

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Horse Cooler RugIn the word of professional riders and trainers, horse cooler rug is no longer a new thing. On the contrary, it is quite necessary and essential for them to test out a wide range of rugs from many materials before choosing the best one that can suit their needs as well as their budget.

To have an overview of the horse cooler rug, you might want to refer to one of the following products, which have been widely used and recommended by professionals. Reading this would somehow save you time and money going out trying the random one without background knowledge.

Why Do You Need Horse Cooler Rug?

A cooler is beneficial in slowly bringing the horse’s body temperature back to normal, especially after the workout. Also, it can help to keep the clipped horse at normal temperature while being moist. This, therefore, would help a lot in keeping your horse from catching a chill.

Back to the time, horse coolers come in woolen rectangles with a loop in the front. Since it is made up of woolen, the material could shift out of place easily, therefore, it would be predictable that they might turn into a dangerous situation.

The coolers now is another story, they come in a range of good-quality materials with more good points and benefits. Most of them are made up of wool and durable fabric that can absorb the moisture easily, therefore, it can be washed easily and take no time to dry.

A tip to pocket while choosing a cooler is to choose the thickness suitable so that the rug can work best.

The Best Horse Cooler Rug on the Market

Thermatex Duet Cooler rug

As the manufacturer stated, the cooler rug has the best feature, which is to wick SHR fabric across the horse back. The key here is to draw excess moisture away from the horse, after this step, it will release the moisture into the atmosphere.

The other part, which is called the lower section is made up of lightweight breathable TKCS fabric. The Thermatex Duet Cooler rug is the combination of two types of fabric, therefore, it would both keep the back warm while still increasing the airflow around the rest parts of the body.

With all the benefits and good points, the rug would be a perfect choice for seasons of the years: Spring, summer, autumn and even summer days.

This product is manufactured in Thermatex at quite a sum of money for a rug, but it is worth the money. For those who have used this product, they have sworn on its quality – as the high quality rug. The recommended color for you to choose is the baby blue & the burgundy) – can keep the rug clean and not easy to spot out the dirt.

The quality has been widely recognized as it can help to keep the horse not too hot or too cold during hot & cold weather. Along with that, it can release moisture along with allowing the air to flow. You just need to buy one rug, and you can use it for at least 3 years. So overall, the rug is worth every penny.

Premier Equine Stratus Stable Sheet

In general, this type of rug is suitable for almost every aspect. People can use it at home, competition and travel with a smart appearance. The good side of this rug is that it is super lightweight for warmer weather. People all over the world preferably use it for traveling as it can be wearing out and about.

Those who have used it all have made the conclusion that the rug has a brilliant fit, with the depth on the chest, which can save the horse from being too tight. Since it is lightweight, people normally use it during summer.

WeatherBeeta Ezi-Dri Standard Neck

This is a mid-range product that is affordable for most people. The common review for this product is that it can efficiently wick away moisture, which can be super perfect after exercising or bathing your horse. The horse when wearing this rug can be at the freedom of movement. Thanks to its smart and stylish appearance, it can be perfect for traveling during four seasons or we can say all year round. Considering all the good points and being sold at a very low price, this product is completely affordable.

Bucas Power Cooler

This product, and mostly acclaimed to be a travel rug with the cooler and lightweight sheet. Quite similar to the rug mentioned above, this rug is considered as the multi-purpose rug. It can be listed as below: sweat rug, travel rud, competition & light stable rug. It is the stay-dry fabric, therefore, it can help to wick moisture away. Thanks to this, the back of the horse is always dry, and has two versions: classic cut and full neck. The best part of this product is that it is washable. Therefore, it would save you a lot of time.

To say about the good points of this product, we can say that it is smart all-round lightweight that leaves the horse a nice silky feeling. Also, it is easy to put on. In summary, we would say that this product can be time-saving.

Masta Coolmasta Rug

On a higher range price, we have this Masta Coolmasta Rug, which has been widely known as a useful everyday cooler. This rug is breathable along with wicking ability. The best thing in this product is that it can be super easy to take on and off,  mostly due to the Velcro fastenings. The rug is also smart in appearance.

For people who have been long using this product, it is the Velcro fastenings that score. The point is it is super useful when you are running out of time. Therefore, for budget and tight travelers, this could be a useful tool.

With a reasonable price, it can also be a sum of money worth spending on a very great product.

LeMieux Carbon Cooler Rug

Compared to the Masta Rug, this product has lower price, compared to other products. For people who exercise, this is a suitable product, especially before and after exercise. It is ideal to keep the air flow and the muscles warm while in transit.

At first sight, this is a very stylish and lightweight as well as fashionable cooler rug. The downside is that it might not keep the muscles as warm as other rugs, it has a good fit. You will find the benefit of it when being used for a long period of time.

With those people who care about the appearance, this product should totally be counted on the list.

Back on Track Mesh Rug

Here comes the high price rug if you are looking for. As described, this product is perfect because horses can totally be relaxed while wearing it. It is designated with super tight fit, and for chunkier hunters. Due to this reason, it can be better for framed horses.

Similar to other types, it can wick moisture while making the horse feel comfortable while traveling. Considering its price, it is rather high with the size and fit.  People really prefer the holistic properties of the rug. If you’ve noticed, you will find the difference in each horse’s way of going after wearing it.

A word of caution, you better have a thorough consideration as this could be an expensive choice.

Shires Jersey Cooler Rug – Navy/Red

This horse saddle pad is super convenient at a reasonable price. Therefore, the shire rug is usually unavailable. The tip for you when choosing this rug is to book the product in advance, about 2 weeks of delivery. Buying online is also the most popular way that many people have tried. There are purple with plum trim available and mostly chosen.

The good point is that it is the soft cooler that helps reduce the attraction to debris and hair.

It is designated with the touch-close chest closure. To enhance comfort, they also have the chest lined.

There are 5 available sizes for you to choose from. All you need to consider is to carefully measure the size of the horse before buying. They are 5’0”, 5 ft 6 in, 5 ft 9 in and 7 ft 0in.

This product has 4.2 out of 5 on amazon, the point that can help us guarantee its quality. It is also washable, so you can just need to put on the washing machine and take out to dry. It will take no time.

Final Verdict

Those are all the essential tips you need before deciding to buy a new cooler rug. All the products have tried and tested so this is the kind of accredited source you can trust.