Top 9 Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain

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Horse Feed We all understand that in order to feed our horse healthily and to gain weight, it is necessary that the source of fresh grass should be abundant. However, it is not the case when the fresh grass is not always filled and available for all of the horses, especially they are not entirely abundant all year round. In order to gain weight for the horse and tone muscle, a full diet is essential.

In case the grass source is not available, it is best that we seek for the help and source of dietary supplements. They can be bought from sources such as drug stores or most convenient, you better google it and buy online. In this day and age, buying online products is simpler than ever.

What are the nutrients needed for weight gaining?

There are a few key ingredients you should carefully check when starting to buy a product that supports the weight gaining process of the horse.


We might think that the horse is sick with nutrients from plans (mostly grass) but protein is one of the most important ingredients they need to grow. There are some necessary sources you can find in nature such as soybeans, seeds and sunflowers.

Starch or Carbohydrates

This one is responsible for the necessary energy providing for the horse. In nature, you can find oats, barley or hay that are easy and quick to digest. Even Though carbohydrates do not provide as much nutritions as proteins, it still can help to provide enough energy.

Fats, vitamins and Minerals

Those are the healthy sources needed for just any living creature to develop and horse is not the exception. They had better being provided with enough proteins and nutrients everyday in order to have antioxidants to boost the immune system.

This is very important if they want to develop naturally without taking medicine, even in the changes of weather.  If the horse is taken in minerals and vitamins regularly, they will definitely gain weight in almost no time as it aids the process of weight gaining.

9 Best Horse Feeds Reviews

Above are necessary ingredients and nutrients needed to help the horse gain some weight that you can find in natures. However, if it is difficult to find the source in nature, it is better that you find them in some horse feed, which can be bought in store. It would shorten the time of growth compared to eating grass.

1. Manna Pro Bite-Size Nuggets Horse Treats

This horse treat is sold at a super reasonable price and it is quite available to find anywhere.

This product has great taste in case the horse is picky, you have to worry none as it has high-quality nutrition and almost has been a favorite of any horse that has tried this product. It has been produced not only for horses but also for a wider range of animals, those which you are feeding namely chickens, rabbits and pigs.

This is an accredited brand that many farmers trust for almost 80 years now. It is made-made, however, the ingredients are all natural and healthy that you could trust for your animals.

2. Oasis Alfalfa Pellets

The name says it all. This product is by far one of the most organic products one can choose for their animals and pets. It is very beneficial when being used around the farm with flavor and consistency. This is originated from the STANDLEE HAY COMPANY. The size recommended for each buying is 40 pounds and ranked the top choices in many countries.

The product has quite a reasonable price and if you want to make the most of it to fasten the weight-gaining process, this product is just right for your horse. Since it is organic, the quality could be as the natural one, the plus side is that it is more convenient to use and take almost no time to prepare. Just take out and feed your horse as instructions.

One caution is that remember to follow the instructions with the right amount of recommended dosage, otherwise, your horse might be overfed, which could lead to other health-problems.

3. Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch

Another great product that is claimed is this one, this product is non structural carbohydrates – sugar 6,7 % & starch 7,4%. This food is included with all the necessary ingredients that help to feed the horse enough. The key is that this product is rich in Omega 3 and 9 – EFA’s.

These are all the wonderful nutrients and healthy fats for all living creatures, even our human beings need them. The thing that makes this product healthy and beneficial is that it is the horse supplement that does not contain artificial preservatives.

In some cases, eating omega nibble can help to soothe the stiff joints, pain and aching muscles. It is also wonderful in decreasing inflammation if any ( the cause could be long journey and heavy loading on the horse)

With the built quality from an accredited company, this product is great at a reasonable price. Clients like it the most because it is low in sugar and high in omega which is good for the health.

Even for the pickiest horse, this is definitely a wonderful product you could buy right now without hesitation and do not forget to share your own experience with us.

4. Omega Nibblers Blackstrap Molasses 3 Horse Treat

If you have not heard about this product, this is the time that you put it on the list right away. Similar to the above, however, this product offers higher quality with the perfect ratios between the spectrum of natural omega (high in 3 and 9 and a bit lower in Omega 6).

Another thing you should make on the list is that this product is non – GMO, which can turn into the natural horse supplement without artificial preservatives. When the horse has this product, you will not have to worry about sweet itch and bug bites sores as it can solve all of these problems. Due to this reason, this is super special for pregnant mares.

5. Total Feeds Total Equine

The products have been ranked with lots of health benefits thanks to all of the ingredients it is made up of such as fiber, protein, and essential minerals that can provide energy for the body. With the proper portion and dosage, this product can actually give wonderful benefits for the horse.

Some have even noticed the change in the horse body, which is gaining weight in just over a week. They all swear on its quality, however, the only thing that prevents clients from buying is the price. It is rather high so they have to really think through before buying. Some even think that it is over priced

6. Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Equine Supplements

This product is considered as the daily essential for the horse thanks to all over its benefits. The reason this product is widely known and accepted globally by clients is that it is packed with vitamins and minerals. Those are all the essential ingredients needed for horses that could help them to maintain good health.

They include the source of minerals that can boost and support the digestive system and weight gaining process. Since it is easy to use, the convenience benefits are undeniable. Another reason you should trust this product is that it is formulated by an accredited company which has been founded in 1946.

With the reasonable price, many people have been loving this product since the first time using it. It is actually effective when the horse starts gaining some weight in the first few weeks (normally 2 weeks). THEY also found the packing has made it easier and more convenient to use on the daily basis.

Some people have even noticed that the horse is eager to eat it every morning as they wake up. The very first part you will start to notice the difference is from the coat, the coat is shiny and the attitude is getting better. Might be this is also the reason that makes the horse gaining weight better, it all starts from mental health.

7. Purina Animal Nutrition Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Pellet

The key making this product more effective and efficient is that it is one of the best feed that can help the horse to moderate the gastrointestinal system. This is the crucial part that improves the performance of the horse just overnight.

It is included with a fine source of proteins namely amino acids and healthy fats (omega 3 and omega 9). Moreover, it is loaded with antioxidants and minerals and fiber aids that help to assist horse’s digestion.

Unlike other products, this one comes in the textured form and widely recommended for growing and mature horses. You can actually start using this product in the first week by blending it in the horse diets with other products and then over the course of time, you can totally replace it with others.

Another difference of this product is that it has the outlast reg supplement that contains a unique mixture of ingredients that works well to enhance the gastric balance. Thanks to this, it can support the horse to improve performance.

However, it is not the end of the story when there are approximately 18 sugars and starch included in this product. All the needed nutrients found in this pack of pellets.

8. Purina Animal Nutrition Amplify Equine Supplement

This is one of the high-fat (healthy fat) foods with the controlled starch extruded nutritional supplement without trans-fats. When eating this, the horse will be more likely to gain weight as well as endurance.

This is another wonderful product from a famous manufacturer, which is a great supplement for the horses. Moreover, it does not disappoint you as it has high fats and calories that works wonders to boost metabolism, which later on will gradually help the horse to gain weight naturally.

Still, it is not enough as this product also is a wonderful source of minerals and antioxidants. After a while of using it, you also do not have to worry about skin diseases as it is loaded with a high source of fatty acids. With the good source of vitamin E and organic Selenium, this product is actually needed to recover from stress and powering the overall health of the horse.

With all the reasons, you better order one right away for your horse and have the experience of your own.

9. Horse Guard Super Weight Gain Equine Vitamin Mineral, Probiotic & Weight Gain Supplement

One of the best products that this manufacturer swears on is this one. If your horse has been neglected for a while by the performance horse, this food is for them. It is packed with a high amount of protein, starch, fat and sugars. Along with that, it has the nutritive value of supplement that works wonders to relieve the digestive issues.

We all know that all health problems are rooted from the digestive system. Hence, if you can fix those problems, health benefits will come along and you will see the difference in the body of the horses. Along with that, it can improve gut health effectively.

Thanks to the high nutrients of minerals, vitamins and probiotics, it works wonders to enhance the health of fur and skin of your horse as well. Another key nutrient needed for any development of a healthy body is a good source of probiotics.

This product is also wonderful in enhancing gut health function as it can strengthen the digestive system as well as stabilize the activities of horse gut. The mechanism here is to give resistance and resilience to the gut and improve the efficiency of the health.

Try to buy for your horse and you will find the benefits and it might turn out that this is the favorite of your horse.


We all know that every horse needs special and unique care if you want to help it grow fast and naturally. Your job as an owner is that you need to understand its demands and try to provide your horse with the best care fitting its needs.

By this way, you can be pretty sure about the development of the horse. This is also the tip to take care of any animal or living creature. Most of the products above just provide the exact amount of nutrients that your horse might need. You had better find the right ones and wait to see the result, your horse might grow just over a week.

One note from the author that even though all the products do not have the same amount of ingredients. However, they all have the same goal or target to promote the weight gaining process of the horse. The tip for you is to carefully follow the instructions and brief guidelines before buying so that it can utilize its benefits for the horse’s body.