Top 5 Best Horse Halter in 2021 – Reviews & Top Rated

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Best Horse HalterDespite the fact that halter is one of the most fundamental and important accessories for every horse rider, many people underestimate the process of choosing a good horse halter.

On the market, you easily bump into thousands of options when it comes to halters, and it is imperative to equip some understanding before making your final purchase. This article is going to help you choose the best horse halter among top 5 products on the market and give you all necessary information about this piece of equipment!

What is the Best Horse Halter?

#1 Perri’s Horse Soft Padded Leather Halter

Perri’s leather halter is one of the best horse halters we are so glad to introduce to you. It looks so beautiful and luxurious, offering the best comfort and functionality for your horse.

It is super easy to put this halter on your horse. The manufacturer describes the whole process as “throwing it on over the head”. As a result, you can control the horse immediately and conveniently.

Many horses are uncomfortable with halters because they usually rub around the horse’s ears or nose. However, the Perri’s halter is soft leather, so it provides the ultimate comfort and prevents sensitive areas from getting hurt.

Another outstanding feature of this halter is its amazing durability. The manufacturer used high quality leather, so it is certain that you can make use of this halter for a very long time. And the softness increases over time.

Finally, what we love about this halter is that it is available in many different colors. It is up to your preference, but we highly recommend the black version which looks so luxurious and classic.

The only disadvantage we find in this halter is that it may need regular maintenance. Otherwise, the leather can be dry and brittle.


  • Available in many colors
  • Easy to put on
  • More comfortable with soft leather
  • Great durability


  • Necessary for maintenance

#2 Weather Leather Breakaway Original Adjustable Chin Throat Snap Halter

The next halter we present is multi-material, combining the use of leather above and webbing below its brow strap. Thanks to the supple and soft leather, your horse will feel comfortable, even in the most sensitive areas, such as ears.

One of the best advantages of this breakaway halter is its box stitching to support the most vulnerable areas of your horse. It has rolled edges, so your horse will be happy without experiencing pinching or digging.

Horses can get panic, which may be dangerous for you and people around. But with this breakaway crown, the level of safety is improved. It is a headcollar which breaks easily under the strain. Besides, it does not make any difference whether you put it on his ears or the side of his face.

What can be wrong with this halter? Some users complain that the size seems too large, so it might be a problem for small horses and pony.


  • Extra comfort with rolled throat
  • Versatile position
  • More safety


  • Possibly too large sizes

#3 Derby Originals English Opulence Series – CONVENTRY – Triple Stitch Adjustable Leacher Halter

Another classy horse halter you can hardly skip is the Derby Originals English Opulence Series, which is one of the most versatile and beautiful headcollars on the market. It has so many fantastic features to help you control the horse more efficiently.

In terms of fitting, this halter is outstanding thanks to its adjustable noseband. It is simple to make adjustments so that the halter fits your horse perfectly, so its use is quite versatile.

Moreover, its hardware is rustproof, which means that you can avoid many problems at some moments. In addition to its reasonable cost, this halter is truly a worthwhile investment in the long term.

Being capable of handling strain from daily use is an essential requirement of any horse halter, and this one is the perfect option. Your horse will find additional support, especially in areas which tend to wear over time.

The drawback of this halter, on the other hand, is its limited option of color. Those who want to find colorful headcollars to match their hose might be disappointed by this halter.


  • Resistant to rust
  • Adjustable noseband which helps fit your horse better
  • Good price
  • Additional stitching


  • Limited color

#4 Dover Saddlery Horse Halter

For those who prefer various colors and sizes, Hunters Saddlery horse halter can be an excellent option. It is well-made to stay genuine to the form. Besides, it can be resistant to stretching out and fading.

A great feature of this halter is the resistance to UV radiation thanks to its polyester rope material. As a result, the halter will be safe from fading and maintain its appearance even if your horse has to spend much time under the sun.

In addition, the durability is good and you do not need to worry about stretching out or wearing.

Many halters do not have the exact size as the manufacturer mentioned, but for this halter, you can make adjustments easily around its knots so that it becomes fit for your horse.

Nevertheless, it is the knots that many people complained about. They seem to come loose in many cases.


  • A variety of size and color
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Comfortable and soft


  • Loose knots

#5 Knotty Girlz 4 Knot Rope Training Halter

If your horse is quite small, then you should go for Knotty Grilz 4 knot rope halter. It is one of the best horse halters for additional knots to support training. It also maintains its form even when the weather is rainy or wet.

The manufacturer used polyester material to make this rope, so it will be resistant to abrasion and shredding.

You will easily find 4 knots in the nose, which are placed around your horse’s pressure points. As a result, you can train the horse directly and easily. In fact, this is one of the best halters for training purpose.

Once the halter becomes dirty, you can simply wash it. Besides, there is no hardware to break or wear out, so its durability over time is strong.

Last but not least, you can find the most suitable model for you as it is available in many different colors and sizes.


  • Simple washing
  • Strong rope thanks to stiff polyester material
  • No breakable hardware


  • Possibly too small and thin
  • Harsh material can hurt animals

Types of Horse Halters

Halters are available in various types, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at different kinds of halters so that you can get the right one.

Leather Halters

This kind of halters is the most favored option when it comes to turnout and shipping. They do not make your horse get stuck as they may break easily. Though, you have nothing to worry about because a skilled expert can help you repair them easily.

There is a wide range of qualities in leather halters, and you should consider carefully to get your own suitable one.

Breakaway Halters

Breakaway halter can be a better option if your horse is easygoing. This type of halter is more durable than leather one in terms of release under pressure. Some manufacturers created this halter particularly for turnout.

Nylon Halters

The durability and strength of this halter is reliable as an apparent feature of nylon. Besides, it is very simple to maintain and clean this halter. The price of nylon halters is usually lower as well.

Nevertheless, the durability is also a terrible drawback when the webbing is stuck on something. In such cases, it is almost impossible to cut through the nylon halters to set your horse free. Therefore, it is imperative to use this kind of halter under supervision all the time.

Rope Halters

Recently, it has been increasingly common to see many horse owners use rope halters, especially when riders and trainers are concentrating more on groundwork.

For beginners, rope halters can be quite challenging to put on at first. However, over time and with a bit practice, you can do it easily. The suggestion is to watch a trainer use them before doing it yourself.

There is no hardware in rope halters, so your horse will feel comfortable when wearing them. They are also suitable for trail riding.

Rope halters usually come at one size which is suitable for all horses. Though, it is still a great idea to check your horse’s size so that he can get the most comfort.


Question: What is the benefit of horse halters?

Answer: Horse halters are something indispensable for every horse rider. They allow you to control the horse during all activities and training experience. Besides, a personalized halter can also help you find your horse when he is lost.

Question: How to take care of leather halters?

Answer: Good leather is one of the best and most durable materials for halters, and with proper cleaning and conditioning, you can expect it to last for a lifetime. Typically, you can start a regular routine with simple cleaning and lubricating.

The goal is to prevent the leather from getting cracked and dry. If you let it happen, there is no chance to get back the strength and resiliency.

Question: How do you choose the right halter?

Answer: The first step to help you get the most appropriate halter is to understand the classification of your horse. You need to know whether he is a pony, cob, draft or standard horse. It is important to remember that the heads of some mules or donkeys might be larger than those of horses and ponies.

If you do online shopping, you should find measurements to know your equine before finding the right halter. The suggestion is to use filters, like size, color, or types, so that your searching results can be more specific.

Question: Is sizing important?

Answer: Getting a correct size is definitely vital to the use of halters. When the halter does not fit your horse, it will prevent you from gaining full control of your horse. As a consequence, you and the horse can suffer from unwanted injuries.

On the market, there are many halters coming at size which fits all the horses. For these types, it is possible to adjust the halter to achieve the perfect fit. However, you should still check or possibly, try it on your horse to make sure that everything is not too tight or too loose.

Question: How do you clean nylon halters?

Answer: Nylon halters are machine-washable, and you should toss it along with some old towels. Use a hypoallergenic laundry solution along with warm or hot water and do not forget to dry it by hanging.

Question: Are nylon halters safe?

Answer: All halters are safe as long as you make sure that it fits your horse and everything is under supervision.

In case of nylon halters, there is possibility that your horse will be stuck on a fence, and he continues to be stuck unless you help him. Therefore, the suggestion is not to get standard nylon halters to do turnout or trailering. In such cases, a breakaway halter is highly appreciated.

Question: Do rope halters hurt the horse?

Answer: Possibly. There are knots you can find in sensitive positions to remind your horse when training. These knots, along with those over the nose, can hurt your horse severely. In case you do not have any experience with horses or halters, it is imperative to learn from a trained expert to utilize the item safely.


Final Verdict

In general, getting the best horse halter is much like one of the most unexpected, but fantastic experiences. It is a fundamental item, but plays an essential role in your experience of training or riding a horse. Thus, it is wise to make great investments of both time and money on a good horse halter.

We hope that the reviews are useful to help you improve your understanding of horse halter. And do not hesitate to share experience with us now!