Top 5 Best Horse Hay Feeder in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

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horse hay feedersKeeping your horses fed with hay can be a problem if you don’t know where to start or if you don’t have the right hay feeder equipment yet. If you are new to starting raising horses, you may want to pick up a good horse hay feeder.

When feeding your horse, consider it like feeding your dog or cat. They should not be able to eat too much so that they can control their weight properly and so that they will be less prone to bloating and other digestive upsets.

Additionally, a hay feeder that is well-constructed can help lessen the likelihood of hay falling outside of the feeder, which causes less waste and parasites for the barn or stable. With that, you may want to pick a horse hay feeder that has fewer holes or one that has a solid design.


Horse Hay Feeder Reviews

Here are our picks for the horse hay feeder:


1. SCENIC ROAD SRC1100 Corn Hay Rack

With a powder-coated metal finish, we like this hay rack for horses because it can easily house hay, grass, or vegetables without easily falling over. It is also easy to install and can keep food away from urine and feces. As for the size, it measures 31 x 29 x 21 inches so it can fit into most mangers and horse stables.

Added to that, the installation method for this hay feeder can be in various ways: it can be hung inside a cage or you can also attach it to a wire fence. What’s more, it can be used on the corner of a stall. Due to its 1/2-inch bars, it can be durable for long-term use as a heavy-duty hay feeder.

In addition to that, its wedge shape design to keep hay from falling too much. This would mean that less hay will fall to the ground and fewer parasites would invade your horse’s stable.


  • Powder-coated metal finish
  • Easy installation
  • Wedge shape design to keep hay secured
  • Fits hay, grass, or vegetables


  • Doesn’t come with screws

If you want a feeder with a hay rack, the SCENIC ROAD SRC1100 Corn Hay Rack can be for you.


2. Weaver Leather Slow Feed Hay Net

For horses that require a specific way of being fed, this one has smaller holes for slower feeding so that their digestive system doesn’t get stressed. In addition to that, it has a total size of 36 inches so there is a lot of room inside for a lot of hay for your horse to feed on.

Likewise, it has a sturdy rope hay net design that can be used on any farm, barn, stable, and the like. Moreover, it can also be ideal for horse shows. That’s not all – it can be used by horses that have digestive problems due to the design of the holes.

Being made with a poly material, this hay feeder for horses has a 600 mm diameter in the opening. Consequently, it can be used in a horse trailer just fine so moving horses and keeping them well-fed won’t be a problem anymore. Due to the tight design of the hay feeder, it will also keep the hay from falling too much on the ground.


  • Sturdy rope hay net design
  • Has smaller holes for slower feeding
  • Prevents hay waste
  • Also ideal for horse shows
  • A lot of room inside for hay


  • Slight inconsistency with sizing

Do you want a slow hay feeder for your horse? You can try the Weaver Leather Slow Feed Hay Net for that.


3. Little Giant Plastic Mini Feeder

For those who want an ergonomic design for a horse hay feeder, this one might do the trick. If you have miniature horses, this would also be ideal since it doesn’t take up way too much space. It might also last longer due to its durable material so even horses that have behavior problems could use it for a long time.

As for the setup, the hay feeder is mountable on any wide board or rail and it can hold hay, water or food due to its design. What’s more, it is made with impact-resistant highly durable polyethylene resin so that it can withstand heavy-duty use for most kinds of horses, but most especially miniature ones.

In addition to that, it can fit up to 6 quarts of food or hay so you can keep it filled for a long time. All in all, we found it has an easy installation method due to the molded bracket.


  • Ideal for miniature horses
  • Doesn’t take up way too much space
  • Mountable on any wide board or rail
  • Can fit up to 6 quarts of food or hay


  • Not for larger horses

If you want a mini horse hay feeder, you can try using the Little Giant Plastic Mini Feeder.


4. Derby Originals Supreme Slow Feed Horse Hay Bag

If you are looking for a unique hay feeder, you might like this patented four-sided design that can allow your horse to eat from different angles. And that’s not all – this also gives an aesthetic feel to the horse stable or barn due to the various colors to choose from.

What’s more, the design of each bag gives airflow without easily wasting and causing hay to fall off. This means that less mess can be created while your hay is being fed to the horse. Furthermore, it can slow down your horse’s rate of hay consumption.

Being made with a double-layered 1200D nylon construction, the horse hay feeder bag measures 24 x 24 x 9 inches. Feeding your horse can be quite a breeze since it has square holes that measure 1.75 x 3.5 inches.

Moreover, it can be ideal for horses that have colic or digestive upset. And to wrap it up, it is even backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Patented four-sided design
  • Good for horses with colic or digestive upset
  • 1200D nylon construction
  • Causes less hay to fall off


  • A bit small for some horses

We think that the Derby Originals Supreme Slow Feed Horse Hay Bag can be ideal for those who want a horse hay feeder bag.


5. Shires Haynet #1022

Do you want a simple hay feeder for horses? This one can do the trick since it has 2-inch holes that allow your horses to feed on it with ease. The construction can reduce hay fallout since the holes are not too big. What’s more, it has a sturdy construction that can last for a long time.

Because there are two colors are available, it can also be an aesthetic addition to your barn or stable. The colors are also vibrant so that you can see it. Moreover, the hay feeder net can be used by regular and miniature horses due to its size – you can feed a lot or a little depending on your needs.

In addition to that, it comes with a hanging rope to make it easy to set it up for horse feeding. What’s more, the feeder can also slow down your horse’s feeding due to the holes on the net. Last but not the least, the net can also hold a full-sized standard bale of hay.


  • Has 2-inch holes
  • Good for miniature and regular horses
  • Ideal for horses with digestive problems
  • Easy to set up


  • Minor knot issues

For those who want a horse hay feeder net, you can try the Shires Haynet #1022.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about hay feeders for horses? We answer some of them:


What are the types of horse hay feeders?

Different hay feeders can have different purposes:


  1. Hayrack. A hay rack is a wired rack that can be hung onto a fence or in most areas of the barn or stable. They can carry blocks of hay bales depending on the size and they are relatively easy to move around. This would be recommended for barns that have multiple horses.


  1. Hay net. If you want a slow feeding hay feeder, do consider a hay net. They tend to have smaller holes so that your horse won’t overfeed themselves. Hay nets are also more portable than the hay rack and are lightweight to carry around.


  1. Solid hay feeder. If you want zero hay waste on the ground, do consider a solid hay feeder. This would appeal mostly to miniature horses since there are solid feeders that can be used on horses but were originally designed for general livestock.


How do I choose a horse hay feeder?

When you choose a good hay feeder for your horse, you should consider the following aspects:


  1. How many horses do I have? Consider how many horses you have in your barn or stable so that you can estimate how many hay feeders you need and how much space is needed for them to feed on. Larger hay feeders may be suitable for multiple horse barns, such as those that are hay racks.


  1. How big or small are my horses? Know if you have a miniature horse or a regular horse since they could have a different eating habit from one another. Usually, miniature horses don’t require large hay feeders since they have a smaller diet than their regular-sized counterparts.


  1. How big is your hay bale? Most hay feeders can only fit a certain amount of hay bale so make sure that you know how big your hay bale would be to fit into the hay feeder. Conveniently, some hay feeders out there do have the right size for a single block of a hay bale.


  1. Is it easy to clean? Do know if they hay feeder is easy to clean up, especially those that are hay racks. However, if you have a net hay feeder, it should also be washable when the time is needed to keep the smell of hay (and horse saliva) to a minimum.


  1. Is it easy to set up? A feeder for horses that is easy to put together can worry you less with having to transfer it from one place to another. Some horse feeders could also be used in trailers so that you can travel with your horses and still feed them on the way – usually, these would be the hay bags or nets.


How do you install a horse hay feeder?

If you have a horse feeder rack for hay, it should be set between 4 1/2 to 5 feet off the ground. This makes it easier and more natural for the horse to grab into the hay rack so that they can eat off it easily.

What are the benefits of a slow hay feeder for horses?

A slow hay feeder can help keep your horses’ weight in check since they only feed on the holes. Compared to traditional feeding in a rack using a bunch of hay or a hay bale, when you use a slow hay feeder, you can control the amount of hay that they can eat at a given time. This would be beneficial for their digestive system.

Not only that – a slow hay feeder is also usually portable and is typically used for traveling horses. You can attach them to a trailer with minimal problems and they can also hold a lot of hay at once. The only slight downside is that they are slightly inferior to rack feeders in terms of durability. Nonetheless, if your horses have problems with bloating, slow feeders are the way to go.



Overall, choosing an ideal hay feeder for your horse(s) can be crucial in keeping them healthy. If they eat healthily then they will become strong for competition or even for simple riding. And that’s not all – less waste of hay can be done if you use a hay feeder that will smartly keep the hay inside for horse consumption.

Just like a dog bowl or a cat bowl, having a good hay feeder can also engage your horse into healthier eating habits to avoid binge eating.