Horse Riding Equipment List for Beginners

Horse Riding Equipment List for Beginners

Horse riding is a wonderful hobby that demands passion, compassion, and dedication. Equestrians spend years mastering the art of horse riding, and it’s a no-brainer that the sport carries a

Foal baby horse

What is a Male Horse Called

Like humans, horses go through various developmental stages, and each phase has a peculiar name concerning gender and other qualities. The horse is categorized into six different types; foal, colt,

Why Do Horses Wear Blinders

Why Do Horses Wear Blinders

If you’re someone who enjoys equestrian sports, you must have wondered, “Why do horses wear blinders?” From the Grand National horse race to the Derby Roundhouse in Peaky Blinders and


Why do Horses Need Shoes?

It is a common belief that a horseshoe brings luck. People hang single horseshoes on doorways to usher in good fortune. Some even go to the extent of trying to

Horses Wear Fly Masks

Why Do Horses Wear Fly Masks?

If you are reading this, you probably saw some horses in a field donning blindfold-like covering and wondering what those could have been. Well, they are certainly not blindfolds, and

Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up

Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

Out of all the living creatures in the world, horses sleeping while standing up seems to be the most unique way of dozing off. But why exactly do horses sleep