Top 5 Horse Fly Masks with Ears You Need to Know

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Horse Fly Masks with EarsFor those who are petting a horse, it is a common thing that they care for them and buy the pet facilities and fly mask is among them. It is a mask that works well to cover the eyes, jaw and ears, basically every part of the face.

The mask is to protect the horse from flies, and it is semi-transparent so that the horse can still see through as well as hear while wearing it. Quite like the sunscreen clothing, the horse mask also has the same protection UV-light, others even sprayed with insect repellent to protect the horse from insects. We all know that insect bitings are the sources of irritation and one of the main sources for diseases.

It is highly recommended that you choose a horse fly mask with ears to thoroughly protect the horse from diseases. There are lots of horse fly masks out there for you to choose, following are some fly masks available and quite popular with acclaimed quality. You might need to read through before choosing one for your horse at home.

Top 5 Horse Fly Masks with Ears

1. Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask, Long Nose with Ears

This product is available for horse style with ears and a long nose. Therefore, it is perfect for those who want to cover the whole face of the horse. It is quite suitable as it has the nylon micro-mesh so that it can protect the horse from 70% of damaging UV rays. It is quite popular as it has been tried and tested by the most popular clinicians and equine publications.

With the nylon design, this product is quite stylish and can fit any horse face as it is available in different sizes.

With all the characteristics described, the mask is great in sun protection. My friend has used it for the horse with white spots on his nose (the sun gets burned every summer). After a while using, the white spots are minimized and it is the very first mask ever that the horse does not try to get off. Mostly because the material is good, they are soft and easy to breathe. With that given, the horse can wear the mask all day long and does not really mind at all.

This product is available in all sizes and different prizes, for the small pony to the grown horse. It is among the product best sellers of Amazon.

2. Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Nose Fringe

Another holy grail you should take into consideration is 6664 Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears and Nose Fringe. For those who are worrying about insect biting, this product should really be the answer as it can provide excellent protection against small insects and flies, especially for small ponies that need extra protection.

It is designated with the air motion fabric ears and fringe so that it can keep any flying insects away from the muzzle area. By this way, ponies will be freed from insects.

However, it is not the end of the story when the best part lies in the fleece padding around the nose down to the forehead so that it can ensure the snug fit. Along with that, it can prevent rubbing away from the eyes.

Similar to the above, it is also made with 70% UV protection as well as minimizing the risk of sun bleaching as well as sunburn. There are also two touch-close straps that are flexible to adjust under the jaw.

Some people who have used it have sworn on its quality, call it a magical one. The best part that the clients and the horse like in this product is the fringe feature that keeps the flies away from their nose and their nostrils.

More wonderful, it does not get dirty and gross over the course of time, which can last for at least 2 or three weeks. With the build quality, it is sold at a perfectly affordable and reasonable price. If you are petting a family of horses, do not bother to buy the Fly mask for them all.

3. Cashel Quiet Ride Extended Nose Fly Mask with Ears

This is a mid-range product that is available in all sizes from the wealing to the small Pony – Style including all ears and long nose.

When having this mask, you do not have to worry about protecting the horse while riding, It has a clear line of vision mostly thanks to the sheer mesh. Another plus point is that it can be stitched to the bridle easily.

With the acclaimed quality, this product has a reasonable and affordable price. For people who have been using this product for a long time, they all say that their horses prefer this to others, including the bulky ones. It has the full ear coverage that can keep them cleaner while the coverage is pretty good.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the UV rays and the sun can totally off their nose. With all these characteristics, you do not have to worry about riding. The tip for you is to go for the colorful ones, by this way, you can differentiate your horse among others.

4. Cashel Econo Horse Fly Mask, Standard with Ears

This mask has a horse style and is equipped with ears. It can keep the mask well away in order to save the horse from injury (if any). It has a comfortable attractive mesh material. However, it is not the end of the story while it has the soft edges bound to avoid rubbing. Worries none about the sun rays during summer as it works best to protect against the sunburn while keeping the horse fly mask stay in place.

The best thing making it perfect is that it is super easy to clean, almost takes no time to clean.   It’s even better as it is stylish so it can look well on the horse. The only downside some people have acclaimed is that it has no opening for the forelock. This equals the thing that you have to flatten the hair down.

5. Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask with Ears

This product is ranked number one for its comfort and fit at an incredibly reasonable price. It has the sheer mesh that can offer your horse a clear line vision, which enables this product for trail riding.

Horses in general have poor vision, therefore, with the absolute clear vision it offers, the fly mask could empower the vision of the horses. Those who have been using this for years tend to re-order and the horses are happy with this.

The downside is that it lacks the double velcro light of the regular fly mask. Therefore, it is only meant for riding, especially during the summer. As it takes no time to put on, you must agree on its convenience, which has been approved by so many clients. Even for the most difficult to satisfy, the mask could ease them for the first few times using it. Therefore, you could totally trust its quality at the best price.

Final Verdicts

Those are the best 5 fly masks you could find and buy at a reasonable price. The tips you need to remember is to be sure when choosing a fly mask that provides the structures around the eye area. It, by the way, will not collapse to the horse face, which can enable the horse to ride and be easy to travel. Do not choose the one that is too tight or too loose, the one that fits so that it can save the horse from any discomfort even when blinking.

The product should be convenient enough to use all year round and owners tend to change to the new one once every year. To extend the time of using, we need to make use of the frayed material or fix the damage seams.

Please take note to do hygiene for this product every week if you want the horse to stay clean. By this way, insects can stay away from the horse even in the long distance as it can smell the sprays. Another thing you need to remember is not to leave the wet fly mask as it might increase the chances of causing bacteria and irritation. Try to repair if any damage spotted on your fly mask.