Best Horse Grazing Muzzle in 2021

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Best Horse Grazing MuzzleObesity is a common problem faced by horses, which tends to happen when they chew off grass uncontrollably. A horse grazing muzzle is a solution to that problem. While most people think it is cruel, it is not – a horse grazing muzzle simply makes a horse more controlled when it comes to feeding grass.

If you want your horse to stay healthy and not get too fat, a horse grazing muzzle will help minimize their capability of eating. Therefore, we wrote this article to give you some suggested horse grazing muzzle to get you started.


Best Horse Grazing Muzzle Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best horse grazing muzzle:


1. Shires Deluxe Grass Muzzle

The Shires Deluxe Grass Muzzle is a fancy-looking yet fully-functioning horse grazing muzzle. This is due to the fleece wool padding, which is appropriate for the winter season when you need to keep your horse friend warm and cozy during the winter. Likewise, it has various sizes available, from a small pony to a cob.

In addition to that, it is fully-adjustable, allowing you to give the best comfort to your horse while avoiding excessive feeding while at it. Moreover, it has been tested in the field as safe for horses alongside its fastening designs.

Likewise, it has a D-ring that will help lead the horse around the field as you wish (in a non-cruel way). Aside from that, it has reinforced nylon web bars and a rubber base that makes it sturdy and strong against wear and tear or abuse. This grass muzzle is sized for horses from 300 to 6,000 pounds in weight.


  • Durable design
  • Fleece wool padding
  • Various sizes are available
  • Tested for safety
  • Fully-adjustable


  • A bit tricky to put on and off
  • The nostril part could be loosened

2. TGW RIDING Horse Grazing Muzzle

The TGW RIDING Horse Grazing Muzzle is a mix of poly and nylon for its material so it will be durable against wear and tear. Because it is available in various colors (royal blue, purple, black, and baby blue), it will be suitable for kids as a gift if they have a horse to take care of.

Moreover, this horse grazing muzzle is also available in various sizes for you to choose from. The large holes in the front allow for extra breathing room for your horse. Since the design of the grazing muzzle does not rub, it won’t be uncomfortable for your horse or pony.

In addition to that, it has an adjustable nylon halter to make it easily fit your horse. What’s more, it has a throat snap and ring for leading, both of which were constructed properly. The sizes are applicable for ponies (small) and up to regular-sized horses (large), as well as cobs.


  • The design does not rub
  • Various colors are available
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Applicable for both horses and ponies
  • Durable construction


  • The bottom part could be redesigned
  • The snap may leave a black stain


3. BEST FRIEND EQUINE Supplies Deluxe Grazing Muzzle

With a size of 24 x 6 inches, the BEST FRIEND EQUINE Supplies Deluxe Grazing Muzzle is made with a reinforced bottom for durability without sacrificing comfort, as well as straps that are woven in a balanced tightness that will not suffocate your equestrian friend.

This horse grazing muddle can be attached to any breakaway halter easily due to its design. It only limits the horse’s ability to graze and still allows them to drink naturally. You can order different sizes and requests from the manufacturer depending on your horse so that it will fit just right. Because of the muzzle design, your horse will still be able to drink just fine.

If your horse tends to be strong and destructive, this one is built with a durable design and has great adjustability to a halter. It even has features for safety breakaway to make sure your horse grazes safely albeit in a limited way.


  • Allows drinking
  • Durable design
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Safety breakaway feature
  • Balanced tightness


  • Probably not for much bigger horses
  • Could use a bit more tweaking on the nostril part


4. Best Friend Lovita Show shirt-Pink-XXL

From the same manufacturer as above, the Best Friend Lovita Show shirt-Pink-XXL is a multi-size horse grazing muzzle with variants for normal-sized and large-sized horses. Because of its roomy design inside, it will still allow for comfortable chewing but will significantly limit grazing to avoid getting overweight. In addition to that, it still allows the horse to drink properly.

We like that it has a 4-way adjustable system that features a loop breakaway for safety. This makes it safe to use on a horse that you may need to wrestle often to install a grazing muzzle. This breakaway feature has metal rings in the downward position for easy on/off for the horse due to the hook and loop straps.

In addition to that, the horse muzzle will fit into any breakaway halter or leather-type one. Moreover, it will fit horses from 1,100 to 1,600 pounds in weight (17 hands and above). This means it will fit large-faced horses, as well as Warmbloods.


  • Roomy interior
  • 4-way adjustable system
  • Fits horses from 1,100 to 1,600 pounds
  • Has a loop breakaway for safety
  • Allows horses to drink safely


  • The instructions might not be that clear
  • Might not be for much bigger horses


5. Tough 1 Poly/Nylon Grazing Muzzle with Halter

Ideal for ponies, the Tough 1 Poly/Nylon Grazing Muzzle with Halter is a horse grazing muzzle that measures 17 x 14 x 13 inches in its dimensions. The size makes it ideal for ponies and similar small-sized horses, which also makes it applicable as a gift for kids who are raising ponies for the first time.

Bearing a simple black color, this one is sufficient for limiting overeating for your horse due to the small opening on the muzzle’s bottom part. In addition to that, it has a 5-way adjustable system to make your equestrian friend feel more comfortable.

Likewise, it has a padded noseband to add comfort to the horse. Installing this muzzle is also a breeze due to the easy clip-on mechanism and the quick-grip fastener, which will be helpful for horses that aren’t always in a good mood. Aside from the adjustability, it has a good thickness that will keep it durable.


  • Ideal for ponies
  • 5-way adjustable system
  • Made with the right thickness
  • Has an easy clip-on mechanism


  • May stretch over time and needs to be tightened
  • Not for larger horses


6. Roma Grazing Muzzle

The Roma Grazing Muzzle is a relatively easy-install type that has a PVC construction. Moreover, it has a closed-cell foam-padded noseband, which makes it comfortable for the wearer yet durable against wear and tear. This horse grazing muzzle is even made with a built-in breakaway halter for security and ease of wearing.

This breakaway feature will be helpful for horses that are difficult to deal with. Because the halter is extremely adjustable, it will not only promote safety (due to the inclusion of a Velcro connector) but also ease of putting on and off for troublesome horses.

We like that this horse grazing muzzle is not too heavy for a standard horse so they won’t feel suffocated when using it. Likewise, it has a soft rubber base that won’t feel bulky to your equestrian friend. This soft construction (without compromising durability) also makes it less likely to cause rub marks on your horse.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Has a breakaway feature
  • Foam-padded noseband
  • Adjustable halter
  • Soft rubber base to avoid rubbing


  • The lower straps could be improved
  • Might not fit well with some horse sizes


7. Best Friend Cob Grazing Muzzle

The Best Friend Cob Grazing Muzzle is one that is more applicable for larger horses, especially those that are hard to fit. It has a 5-way adjustable system plus a buckle breakaway design, which will help horses that are difficult to deal with. In addition to that, the clip-on snaps will also make the fitting process simple for most horses.

To add to your horse’s comfort, this one has a padded noseband that will allow better breathing room with less likelihood of rubbing. Moreover, the design allows horses to drink naturally due to the hole at the bottom. The interior space is roomy so that your horse will chew comfortably.

The hook and loop straps are attachable to the chinstrap and noseband and are relatively easy to set up. Moreover, it has a sturdy material for the entire muzzle, allowing for use out in the field for more than a season or so.


  • Has clip-on snaps
  • Has a breakaway system
  • Roomy interior
  • The horse is allowed to drink
  • Has a padded noseband


  • Minor packaging issues
  • Some shipments might not include the complete breakaway setup


8. Prairie Horse Supply Deluxe Comfort Lined Grazing Muzzle

Great for various horse sizes, such as for Arab, pony, cob, small quarter, and the like, the Prairie Horse Supply Deluxe Comfort Lined Grazing Muzzle is a well-built unit for your equestrian friend. This horse grazing muzzle has a neck pad, as well as chin padding for added comfort.

If your horse is prone to laminitis, this is a good grazing muzzle due to its limiting properties against overeating. In addition to that, it has a waffle basket with a lined design for keeping your horse pampered while protected. The installation is also simplified by the neck strap, which also keeps your equestrian friend comfortable.

Likewise, it is made with heavy-duty neoprene for durability and it still allows the horse to drink and eat a little. We like that its neck strap is highly adjustable so that it will fit a wide variety of horses, especially those that are difficult to fit or are troublesome to deal with.


  • Durable construction
  • Has a padded neck strap
  • Has a padded chin strap
  • Easily adjustable straps


  • Doesn’t have a breakaway feature
  • Minor delivery issues


Things To Considered Before Buying Grazing Muzzle

Here are the things to look for when you want to choose the best horse grazing muzzle:

  1. Sizes available. You have to pick a horse grazing muzzle that is appropriate for your equestrian friend. Check the manufacturer for size choices before you buy one so that it will be just fine for them.
  2. Ease of installation. We all know that horses can be finicky and sometimes aggressive, especially when being installed a muzzle. This is why when you buy a horse grazing muzzle, make sure it is easy to install so that you won’t have a lot of problems with your buddy.
  3. Construction. Consider one that is made with nylon or polyester material that will withstand an angry or moody horse.
  4. Comfort for the horse. A horse grazing muzzle that has additional padding around the chin and the neck areas will help them to feel at ease. This is important if your horse will need to wear the muzzle for a long time.
  5. Ease of drinking. Just because you are limiting their capability to eat grass doesn’t mean they can’t drink! A horse grazing muzzle should safely allow your equestrian friend to drink properly so that they don’t get dehydrated.
  6. Adjustability. Most horse grazing muzzles out there do have adjustable belts, straps, and the like, so that they will fit your horse just fine without sacrificing comfort.



In the long run, having a horse grazing muzzle is important to watch the weight of your equestrian friend. To avoid laminitis and similar diseases involving overeating, having a horse grazing muzzle at hand will keep them disciplined. We know how difficult it is to monitor your horse all the time so having a muzzle will at least limit their diet and grass-eating while still giving them sufficient access to drinks.