The Ultimate Guide on the Best Horse Hair Shaving Brush

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Horse Hair Shaving BrushThe fact is that men love shaving brushes which come from boar or badger’s hair. However, it is undeniable that this industry causes the death of thousands of animals for our great shaving experience.

Fortunately, there is an ultimate solution – horse hair shaving brush. It is suitable to provide a similar luxurious experience without leading any animals to death.

Let’s find out why you need a horse hair shaving brush right away and what is the best one on the market!

Why Do You Need Horse Hair Shaving Brush?

For those who are looking for a synthetic and astonishing superior shaving experience, horse hair shaving brush is just for you. There are reasons that this kind of brush should be the choice you go for when it comes to shaving brush.


As the name stated, this shaving brush is made up of horse’s mane or the tail. Therefore, it should be the safe choice, especially for those who have sensitive skin, simply it is from an animal.

Of course, when being cut out from the horse, the brush has been carefully handled with hygiene products so that it could be safe for customers when using, avoiding allergy. Moreover, this is also a natural-friendly shaving brush. Please put it on the shopping list the next time you buy one.


With my own experience using this brush, I would swear on its quality. Carefully made with less scratchy quality, it would give you a smooth feeling. Using this horse hair shaving brush would save you from irritating and scratchy feelings you might have dealt with using other types of brush. The only downside is that it might be not as tight compared to others, which can not hold as much water as expected.

This kind of brush is produced for a wide range of clients, therefore, they are sold at an affordable price. Considering its quality and performance, Horse hair shaving brush would be reasonable and you can afford to buy a new one almost instantly if the old one went out of order.


With the normal shaving brush you find in stores, it is better that you buy two at the same time so that you can have the alternative when needed in urgency. The two recommended types you’ve got to choose are the pure horse which is made up of man/ tail hair and the mixing brush, which they also call the horse/ badger.

Normally, people would like to use the pure horsehair brush. The only downside is that it broke quickly, however, it would make the generous lather as well as goes along well with soap and cream. After using for a while, it would leave the solf texture on the skin.

The Other bush mentioned is the mixed brush. The outstanding characteristic of this type of brush you would notice is that it is a bit softer. For the texture and the quality of this brush, it is quite similar as pure brush.

Caution when Using Horse Hair Shaving Brush

When using the synthetic type of brush, you had better notice the downside of the brush. Unlike other plastic ones, shaving brush made up of hair horse would be a bit smelling. When first using several times, you would find the smell a bit ghastly. However, worries none as this downside can totally be opted out with just a few steps. The only thing you need is the pet shampoo. You could follow as below to clear the irritating smell:

  • Dip the brush in a bowl of pet shampoo mixed with water (preferably the lukewarm water)
  • Soak them well then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Leave it in the cool place so that it can dry before using it.
  • Keep washing it for the first few times before using, gradually, the ghastly smell could be eliminated.

Since washing brush using water and leaving it to dry naturally would take time, you could use the other brush, leaving at home to use as an alternative (when waiting).

What is the Best Horse Hair Shaving Brush?

Generally, there are 5 top horse & synthetic Shaving Brushes you can choose, which are quite popular and easy to find. They are all made up of synthetic fibers. You better find out the characteristics of each type and choose the best horse hair shaving brush for you.

Omega 80266 Pure Boar Bristle Brush

This type of brush originated from Italy and is made up of Boar. The reason that this brush is famous mostly because it has been around for 30 years, which has quite a long time and most importantly, it has been widely recognized by clients because of its manufacturer. It could make the top choice because of the excellent balance between softness and backbone it offers.

For those who are beginners, this should be the best choice as the usage is quite simple and they can improve shaving technique over the course of time, within a few days (before you move on the new and complicated one – the machine).

Another reason you should go for this type of badger is that it has water retention. With its quality and at this price, bristle brush should really be on your list.

Simpson No.1 Chubby Super Badger Brush

If you are a fan of handmade stuff, you should consider this horse hair shaving brush. It originated in the UK by the accredited firm Simpson and can offer the exquisite shaving experience.  The knot is filled with the highest quality, along with the three-band hair, it can leave comfortable splays against your skin yet gives the perfect thickness as you wish.

The price is rather high for a shaving brush, but Simpson’s has guaranteed its quality, so you can choose it as one of the best horse hair shaving brushes.

Vie-Long 13061 Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Perhaps this is the most common type of brush you would find as it is the mid-price type. The brush is manufactured in Spain and made up of 50 percent of mane plus 50% of tail. With the reasonable price on Amazon, it is rather a good choice, you can even buy 2 at one time, to exchange regularly.

The reason it’s worth your consideration (for those who are particularly looking for something that both has boar & badger) is that it has two materials. As mentioned above, this is the equal combination between mane and tails, the Vie Long Horse Hair Shaving can both give you stiffness and softness.

However, compared with the two types above, this VIE long would be much easier to break in (within the first few shaves). In case it has a strong smell, there is no need to get panic. The key here is to dip them in pet shampoo before using and leave it dry naturally. Eventually, the smell will vanish. With the build quality, this brush would make the comfortable choice of the best horse hair shaving brush.

Semogue 2000 Natural Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

The fourth brush on the list is made in Portugal. The bristle material is the Boar. This brush is even sold at a lower price, and you can totally find it on Amazon. If you are looking for the premium boar option, Semogue 2000 Natural Boar is a good choice. It could give one of the best experiences possible at this incredibly low price.

The advice here is that the boar brush might take time to break in, you might wait for a few shaves before it reaches its potential. With the solid backbone, the brush can do well on the exfoliation part. Along with the long bristles, you can find the softness correctly.

How to Choose A Shaving Brush

In general, a shaving brush is a common tool for daily life. But it does not mean that you can choose it without taking serious consideration. Here are some factors to think about when it comes to a shaving brush.

Brush Stiffness

The stiffness level of the brush also affects the amount of water it can hold. A stiffer brush means that it holds less water. As a result, you will have more difficulties with a lather. In case you want something durable, the recommendation is to choose a brush with stiff bristles.

Handle Shape

You should feel comfortable when holding shaving brushes in your hand. Therefore, make sure that you try holding it before making a purchase. It may take time, but after all, you will be happy that you have something with the best grip.

Animal Hair

This factor absolutely depends on individual preference. Some people are not comfortable with a brush made of real animal hair, while others find them pleasant. Horse hair shaving brushes usually come from the mane or tail of a horse. Besides, there are also synthetic bristle brushes.


Is a shaving brush better than hands?

Many people question the benefits of a horse hair brush, or simply a shaving brush in general. Men have made use of their fingertips to perform many tasks, including applying a lather to the face before shaving.

Admittedly, using the hands is much simple. However, some advantages of a shaving brush still outweigh those of hands.

First of all, a shaving brush has better influences on your skin. The process of applying lather on your face also helps to eliminate dry cells and exfoliate the skin.

Besides, shaving brush can raise the facial hair and soften it. As a result, you can have a closer shave. The possibility of irritating your skin is also lower.

What are types of shaving brushes?

The market offers a wide range of brushes, and it is also useful to understand the differences between several types.

  • Boar hair brushes: This is the most economical and popular type nowadays. It saves your budget and also gives a lather which you cannot find in a brush from non-animal hair. However, their harder bristles tend to break more, and they are less effective in retaining water compared to other brushes.
  • Badger hair brushes: This is the oldest kind, and you are accessible to a variety of options. They are most suitable for wet shaving and people who have sensitive skin.
  • Horse hair brushes: They are less common than other types; however, the effects are superb.
  • Synthetic brushes: They are suitable for people who do not prefer animal hair. In addition, the cost is also low. On the same time, many people complain about its failing capability of holding water and possible skin irritations.

Final Words

In conclusion, you have the background on Horse hair shaving, you can make the decision on your own. The advice is to choose the one that meets the need at a suitable price. For example, if you want the one with softness and stiffness, with low budget, you know your product should be Vie-Long 13061. Otherwise, if you want the top-notch quality, the choice is definitely Simpson No.1 Chubby Super Badger Brush.