Best Horseback Riding Helmet

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Horseback Riding HelmetStaying safe during horseback riding couldn’t be stressed enough, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned equestrian. To help you with that, you’ll need the best horseback riding helmet to keep your head protected against all kinds of dangers.

What you should look for in a helmet, aside from its ability to protect you (having foam liners and rubber), is that it should be easy to adjust and well-ventilated around the helmet so your head won’t have to sweat too much.

Likewise, a good helmet won’t be a hindrance to those who want to be more focused on horseback riding and can be annoyed with the heat of the sun. Although a minor feature, most helmets also come in various colors and sizes so that they can choose their favorite style.


Horseback Riding Helmet Reviews

We chose the following for the best horseback riding helmet:


1. Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet

Being a riding helmet for equestrians and beginners alike, this one has an attached visor that you can use to shield the rider from sunlight, which can make a difference with their vision while riding the horse.

Available in both black and white colors, this one can be used by both men and women, as well as kids who are just starting. Moreover, it has super-cooling vents that allow the rider to feel at ease during a hot day of riding a horse.

Since it is ASTM and SEI-certified, you are guaranteed safety and quality. We also like that the removable headliner is washable for easy care. You can order the helmet in sizes from extra small (6 3/8 – 6 5/8) to large (7 1/4 – 7 1/2). Moreover, it has a safe design as a basic helmet so even toddlers can use it with the right sizing.


  • Unisex design (for boys and girls)
  • Approved for competitions
  • ASTM and SEI-certified
  • Well-ventilated
  • Attached visor


  • Minor issues on the chin strap

For those who want a horseback riding helmet for competition use, we’d like to suggest the Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet for you.


2. Ovation Women’s Protege Matte Riding Helmet

If you want a helmet for women, this one can do the trick for horseback riding. This is because it has some mesh interior vents so the wearer stays comfortable, well-ventilated, and also away from bugs and debris. In addition to that, it has been SEI Certified to ASTM F1163-04A so that you will wear a safety helmet up to standards.

Due to its flattering low profile design, this helmet can be breathable to wear for nearly any equestrian or even beginner in horseback riding. What’s more, it has an adjustable harness with a quick snap buckle so that you can adjust it to your needs without feeling too tight or too loose.

That’s not all – it has an extended back shell for added durability while the liner inside is removable and washable. The whole helmet top also has a matte finish so it doesn’t glare.


  • Well-ventilated and breathable
  • Lightweight feel
  • SEI Certified to ASTM F1163-04A
  • Low profile design
  • Quick snap buckle for easy adjustment


  • The inner foam could warp a bit after long usage

If you want a women’s helmet for horseback riding, you can try the Ovation Women’s Protege Matte Riding Helmet.


3. Ovation Girls’ Schooler Deluxe Riding Helmet

For little girls who are just getting into the hobby of horseback riding, you can try this one. It has a lightweight low-profile helmet construction so it can be gentle on your little girl.

Moreover, it has a YKK adjuster clip and buckle, which can be of high quality and for heavy-duty use. In addition to that, it also has high flow vents so that the rider will not feel too sweaty when they wear the helmet for a long time. That’s not all – it has breakaway visors that can be removed.

Get a load of this – the inner liner of the helmet can be removed and washed so you can take care of it without compromising the durability and the smell. Likewise, it has a rubberized finish that can give safety to your wearer. Furthermore, the dial is easy to adjust to keep it snug.


  • YKK adjuster clip and buckle
  • Low-profile helmet
  • The inner liner can be removed
  • Rubberized finish
  • SEI/ASTM compliant


  • Can run a bit small for others

The Ovation Girls’ Schooler Deluxe Riding Helmet may appeal to those who want a low-profile horseback riding helmet, especially for young girls.


4. Equi-Lite Horse Riding Helmet for Kids

What we like about this kids’ riding helmet during horseback riding is that it has a soft inner padding. If the weather is too hot, your children won’t feel too uncomfortable and gross due to the excessive sweating and shape of the helmet. With 7 different colors to choose from, your child can choose their preferred color as well.

What’s more, the back dial for easy loosening and tightening is easy to use. And that’s not all – it has 5 front and 4 rear cooling vents so that your little rider can stay comfortable even under the hot sun. due to its 3-point harness for buckle adjustment, the helmet can be fitted snugly on your kids’ head.

Because it passed the ASTM F1163-15, SEI certification, and CE Certified to European EN 1384 standards, it can be a great helmet in terms of safety standards for kids. We also like that it only weighs 10 ounces so it won’t be too bulky if your little one wears it for the first time (and for a long time).


  • Meets ASTM F1163-15 and other certifications
  • Cooling vents
  • Soft inner padding
  • Back dial for easy loosening


  • Some minor issues about the dial system

If you want a horseback riding helmet for kids, you can try the Equi-Lite Horse Riding Helmet for Kids for that.


5. Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet

Bearing a dial fit system, this helmet for both kids and adults has a full-coverage design so it can truly cover your head to protect it during an accident such as falling from the horse. Due to having a low profile design, it can be less bulky than most riding helmets out there.

We also like the fact that it has Air-Channel technology to keep the wearer away from too much heat buildup and sweat on their head. That’s not all – it also has a flex tip visor that can shield your face against the summer sun.

Moreover, this product is made in the USA so it is of high quality. Because it has 20% mesh in it, you can keep your head cool amidst the hot temperatures while using it for horseback riding. Last but not the least, this helmet fits both kids and adults and has good ventilation.


  • For both kids and adults
  • Air-channel technology
  • Made in the USA
  • Has 20% mesh
  • ASTM and SEI certified for safety


  • Minor sizing issues

We’d like to suggest the Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet if you want a full-coverage design for a helmet.


6. Troxel Sierra Horseback Riding Helmet

Having a leather finish can be attractive to any equestrian or even beginner horse rider. This one has a good nylon and leather combination so that it is both easy to clean and fashionable yet durable for a horseback riding session.

We also like that it has a flip-fold fit adjustment so that anyone can wear it without feeling too loose or too tight. That’s not all – it has a Sure fit Profit system that also helps in adjusting the helmet to your needs (ideal for multiple wearers). What’s more, since it has a low profile, it will not be too heavy or bulky for any rider.

Safety is a big plus with this helmet due to being ASTM/SEI-certified. It even has a self-locking buckle and some mesh-covered vents for a combination of safety and breathability. We also saw that it uses Air-Channel technology, which uses open cell foam to keep moisture at bay.


  • Leather finish with nylon
  • Low profile design
  • ASTM/SEI-certified
  • Flip-fold fit adjustment
  • Mesh-covered vents


  • Some minor issues with the buckle design

For those who want a helmet with a leather finish, you might like the Troxel Sierra Horseback Riding Helmet.


7. Ovation Unisex Extreme Riding Helmet

Do you want a lightweight helmet for horseback riding that can be worn by both men and women? You might like this one due to its less bulky appearance and a rubberized matte finish on top for removing the extra glare. It even has a carbon graphic print so it looks sleek when you use it on your horseback riding sessions.

That’s not all – we also like its stainless steel air vent mesh so that your head doesn’t get all sweaty and gross for too long. Moreover, the breakaway visors are removable so you can also clean them up separately.

We think this is a quality helmet since it is backed by a YKK adjuster clip and buckle system. Moreover, it is certified to ASTM & CE standards so you can get good quality from this helmet. What’s more, the Coolmax liner is removable and washable so that you can wash it after a long day of horseback riding.


  • Can be used for both men and women
  • Certified to ASTM & CE standards
  • Easy-adjust dial
  • Rubberized matte finish


  • Minor sizing issues

Are you looking for a unisex horseback riding helmet? You can try the Ovation Unisex Extreme Riding Helmet for that.


8. Ovation Kid’s Metallic Schooler Riding Helmet

If you prefer a metallic rubberized finish for a helmet for horseback riding, you might want to try this one. It has an adjustable dial that can give it a snug fit for your kid while its adjustment teeth are also lockable so it will stay in place. Moreover, it is lightweight and has a low profile design.

We can see that there are also vent mesh parts around so that your kid won’t feel too sweaty. There are many vibrant colors to choose from and it comes in extra small to extra large sizes, too. It has easy adjustments even for beginners in horseback riding and seasoned equestrians.

Likewise, it has a sleek design but not sacrificing safety due to the extended back shell. In addition to that, it even has a removable liner that you can wash off when it gets dirty and smelly. All in all, we like that it is a low profile so you won’t feel like something heavy is on your head.


  • Metallic rubberized finish
  • Low profile
  • Vent mesh parts
  • Extended back shell


  • Minor visor issues

Do you want a horseback riding helmet with a metallic finish? You might like the Ovation Kid’s Metallic Schooler Riding Helmet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about horseback riding helmets to help you out:


What makes a good horseback riding helmet?

  • Easy to clean. Most have a washable headliner so that maintaining it can be even simpler.
  • Are you worried about the snug-fitting? Worry no more – look for an easy-adjust dial that can be user-friendly.
  • There are also various colors to choose from with a metallic finish to make it look fashionable.
  • Design – having a lightweight construction means it won’t be too bulky.
  • A good helmet is also ASTM and SEI certified as a helmet for safety measures.


Why do I need a horseback riding helmet?

Like riding boots are for your feet helmets are important to save your head and skull from falls. The material such as foam and rubber can protect you from injuries that usually arise from riding a horse, especially for first-timers.


How to wear a horseback riding helmet?

Just put in on and use the easy adjustment feature (usually a locking clip) for simple fitting to anyone who will wear it. Make sure it fits snugly to avoid having to adjust it later on while you ride the horse.



In the long run, horseback riding can be safer if you choose a good helmet with it. Most of all, if the helmet has a lightweight feel, it won’t be too bulky for anyone to carry around and wear. If the helmet also adheres to ASTM or SEI ASTM standards, you can tell it is going to take care of your little rider.

We hope you found our article informative! Remember to always wear your helmet during horseback riding for safety!