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How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat a day

How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat in a Day?

We all know the consequences of overfeeding any pet or animal, let alone a horse since they’re often outdoors and we can’t manage them all the time, so how much

How Long Can A Horse Run

How Long Can A Horse Run? Fact Checking

For many years, horses have always been the main means of transportation. From the wars between the knights in Europe up to the Wild West cowboys in America, horses have

Horse Liniment

5 Best Horse Liniment Reviews of 2021

If you are a horse owner, the likelihood is that you have heard about liniment. In fact, horse liniment is a mixture of chemicals that are used to cure ailments

Horse Saddle Pads

6 Best Horse Saddle Pads [2021 Reviews]

Riding horses can be a fantastic experience that not everyone has a chance to go through. And even when you never ride a real horse, you are probably familiar with

Salt Block For Horses

8 Best Salt Block For Horses (Reviewed 2021)

Salt is an important nutrient for horses because they spent most of their time outdoors sweating. Without sufficient salt, they might have an electrolyte imbalance, which led to the implementation

Horse Shampoo

7 Best Horse Shampoo & Conditioner [2021 Reviewed]

Hygiene plays an essential role in every domestic animal’s routine to maintain their well-being and appearance, including horses. However, keeping your horses beautiful and healthy can be a big challenge.